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We NEED one another!

So I have to tell you about a little experience I had last week in Kentucky! I was sitting alone at the hotel restaurant before our local event, my “alone” time was quickly interrupted as a group of 8 women came and sat at the table next to me. They were all between 20-25 years older than me. They were loud, they laughed, they hugged, I heard them compliment one another.

These women were beautiful and definitely had that “southern class charm” thing going on! I could tell that they had known one another for years, and were so excited to get this time together. They exchanged gifts. And then one of the women read the sweetest poem of friendship that I’ve ever heard. I immediately had tears run down face, and of course, I had to snag a pic of the poem. 

While I can’t find the words to describe this entire experience, I will share a few things this did for me. First, my heart immediately filled because I have been blessed with this kind of circle in my life. That kind of circle who loves you and who claps for you. The circle who will put you in your place in 2.2 when you need it. The circle who cares and is there to lift you up!

Secondly, the realization of how much women truly need other women in their lives! We are fierce. We love. We make things happen. But we NEED one another! We are better TOGETHER!

While this picture only represents a few of the tribe that surrounds me, I hope it resonates with you. Your friends will tell you the truth! They will celebrate with you when you celebrate, and they hurt when you hurt! Life is too short to be alone or surrounded by those who do not bring light to your life!

ps….those beautiful ladies had me take a group picture on one of their phones, but I soooo wish I had taken a picture of them with my phone. I am pretty sure they will forever be etched into my memory!

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